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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Echo in the Bone-Favorite Character

Oh my, I am going through withdrawals.........I'm dreaming of Jamie and Claire again, can't recall the details, but I know they are in my dreams! What's an Outlander fanatic to do...........oh yeah, I have this blog, so here's my favorite character from Echo(other than J&C!).

Echo was written in a way whereas there was actually 4 different stories going on at once which I loved and how in the end, they were all brought together. Brianna has never been a favorite of mine, can't quite put my finger on it, in the past she didn't have much depth, I guess. In Echo, I did enjoy the Brianna/Roger story, but it seemed more in tune with Jemmie than his parents.

Lord John is wrapped up in the military and trying to locate his injured nephew, his story, permeates throughout, but he doesn't come alive on the pages to me in Echo.

So that leaves William and Ian. Ian has always been a favorite of mine, his relationship with his uncle is touching and can be quite hilarious at times. William is relatively new and I found that I like him tremendously. He's military through and through, honors and respects his father, Lord John, they have a good relationship. William and Ian meet by chance again and forge a relationship of sorts. Ian's story in Echo has many different angles, his dealings with Arch Bug, his longing for his past Indian wife, his dedication to his dog, Rollo, his helpfulness to Jamie and Claire and how he finds a new love. Yes, Ian has come into his own in Echo and I have loved the experience of seeing him grow as a young boy who started his uncle's print shop on fire to the man he's become.

Ian is adorable, funny, caring, fierce and loyal. Ian gets my vote as favorite character in An Echo in the Bone, I look forward to many more stories of Ian even after the story of Jamie and Claire ends(which I hope won't be anytime soon!)
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