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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Favorite Character Choice-The Fiery Cross

Choosing a favorite character from The Fiery Cross is quite challenging since the story revolves mostly around Claire, Jamie, Roger and Brianna. The other characters she introduced, Mrs. Bug, the Beardsley's(a strange bunch they were!), Lt. Lilywhite, etc were minor fillers, though filling in quite nicely with the story as a whole. Jocasta played a small, but important part as well. I feel there is much more to Jocasta that needs exploring, perhaps if DG writes the prequel.

So, since I felt sooooooo bad for Roger and that he decided to stay in the 18th century will be my pick for this installment. Roger's character permeates throughout the entire book and we see him challenged, tortured and tested, but he preservers. He doubts himself and his ability to contribute to the family since his wife, Brianna holds her father, Jamie is such high reverence.

One section in particular I enjoyed was when Jamie was laid up, Roger took over interviewing prospective tenants. This one particular tenant knew Jamie in Ardsmuir prison and Roger got a sense he did not hold Jamie in as a high regard as the others. Roger's comment(to himself) cracked me up!

So, Roger, you get my vote again!!

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  1. Roger is one of my favorites too. It's very hard for him to live in Jamie's shadow, but he constantly tries. And I believe that he is succeeding. I'm anxious to see how things go for him in Echo.