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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drums of Autumn Character Choice

I've mulled it over a few days and decided my most favorite character in Drums of Autumn is Lord John Grey! I was initially going to pick Jocasta, as she has a strong personality with deep family tradition. But Lord John Grey won out because DG has revealed more of him to us. It took a lot of guts to bring Willie to Fraser's Ridge and he really didn't have to help Brianna, but he did. DG took quite a leap expecting the reader to believe Willie did not recognize Jaime, who can forget Jaime! Six year old's generally have memory retention. Anyway, I like Lord John Grey because he's true to himself (as much as he can be in the 18th century), loyal, fierce when needs be, gentle and loving in spirit most times.

What is your character choice in Drums of Autumn?


  1. I completely agree that it is very difficult to believe that Willie would not remember anything about Jamie at all. Now, if Willie had only been 2 or 3, it would be believable - but at 5 and 6 years of age, he would remember someone who he spent so much time with.

  2. Hmmm...I am not sure about Lord John Grey being a favorite. He comes more into life during this book but I am having a hard time with him.

    I agree, Willie was old enough to remember Jamie yet there are many things that I do not remember from that age in my life. Yet, someone so important would be hard to forget.

  3. I also agree that William should have remembered Jamie as he was 6 years old and Jamie spent everyday with him...I do like Lord John Grey too. But Claire will always be my favorite character.

  4. I do agree that Willie should have remember Jamie. The last time they saw each other just before Jamie left Willie had promissed that he wanted to be a Papist like Jamie, and if I remember correctly Jamie did give him something as a keep sake.

  5. Hi I know this is an old blog entry, but I just picked up the series. I just finished reading Drums of Autumn and I had a question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere. When Jamie and Willie go up to the mountain and Jamie leaves Willie in the mountain when he sees the village burning, what happens to Willie and Lord John after that? It just kind of cuts off and then Lord John just shows up later to Brianna mentioning he is in Virginia with Willie. Did I miss something? thanks!