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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Outlander -What character would you want to be?

Being that I'm a historical fiction fanatic and fasinated by time-travel, I've often tried to place myself in the shoes of a certain character in the Outlander series in addition to my own ancestors. So, I need to figure out which character I most resonate with in Outlander, who fits my personality the best. I don't think I would make a good Claire, I'm too chicken to do most of things she does, my goodness, trekking through the woods with highland warriors would scare the bejeavers out of me. No......I need someone safe and content. Jenny comes to mind, she's opinionated, sensible, but motherly and caring. She cares too much at times, I think, making Jaime's problems her own, but hey, that's what I do as well with my family that I love and care for! Yes, I think I'd make a good Jenny. What does everyone else think?(For those who knows me well!) Now this is who I think I would be in Outlander, let me ponder on a character in Dragonfly! Feel free to comment on who you think would best fit your personality(male or female!) or who you wish you could be, now that's a thought!


  1. Lin, you make a great Jenny, But I'm think I would be Geissle. Crazy....